Prime Minister Laid Bare – Pls Help


Emperor Haute Couture, Margaret Sutherland, 2011

I am asking you to help me compile a list of the worst of the Harper government. So far, I am thinking of cataloging Uncle* Steve’s misdeeds under these categories:

  1. Bad politics – Lies and broken promises.
  2. Bad Science – Decision-based evidence making.
  3. Bad Law – Making bad law and flouting the good.
  4. Bad Cuts – Elimating good programmes.

But you may have other categories. For instance, how would you catagorize those dreadful monuments – the one in Ottawa for the victims of communism, or the Mother Canada statue proposed for Cape Breton. Yes:

5. Bad Taste – Government-sponsored works of “art.”

Please add your ideas for categories or specific misdeeds in the comments section below. I will compile and then research where necessary. I already have produced quite the list, but I am looking forward to your input. Let’s make this really count!

Thanks for for your help.

Due Credit I would like to thank Margaret Sutherland for her generosity in immediately granting me permission to reproduce her 2011 painting Emperor Haute Couture. You can see some of Maggie’s other works here. And even some credit goes to Prime Minister Harper. When asked about the painting, he jokingly pointed to the painting’s inaccuracy, as he prefers cats to dogs.

* “Uncle” is used in this blog to describe any leader who thinks that s/he knows best and that others around him (most likely a “him”, but maybe a “her”) are mere trifles in the way of the one truth that s/he possesses.


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