You have to start somewhere …


… and sometime.

Not too long ago I was emailed by a blog service, celebrating the first two years of my blog. Trouble is, I had never posted anything. Nada. Not that I did not have some pointy things to say or some idiocies of the current Conservative government about which I could rant.

It’s a procrastination thing.

So, I finally posted a version of this text on that other blog – in May – but then two issues bubbled to the surface: First, I was not anonymous, and given the little bit of consulting work I still do for Government Canada, currently headed by an autocratic, omnipresent, and omniscient leader, I really don’t want my name out there. Secondly, my son said that that other blog site was for weenies, and that serious bloggers are here on WordPress.

It just took until today to get this site looking good enough.

Now it’s just time to get started, even if most of these posts will remain unread. My intent is not to have followers per se, but rather to have my posts well-tagged with metadata so that prospective readers can zoom into the one post that they want, by way of search engines.

The idea is to get back ito the rhythm of writing, and then to slide back into writing that novel that just refuses to finish itself.

In the up-coming posts, I’ll revisit older ideas, such as hiking in Germany and experiences with my Prius c. Some of my posts will be about the latest annoying acts by the Conservative government. And some they will be just like this, like an entry into a diary.

But I’ll try to keep them readable. pithy, and where possible, amusing.

First up: an entry on the Confederate flag and a post on Orange/Black.

So, here we go …

July 1, 2015

[Photosource: Wikimedia Commons under the GNU Free Documentation License (sic) by Jared Grove]


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